Bespoke Books

Bespoke Books
As well as our traditional sketchbooks, for a number of years we have manufactured books for education, which are used in various ways in the classroom for study work and for record of achievement. Teachers delivering the curriculum with a thematic approach will find our Bespoke books an invaluable resource.

Bespoke Books manufactured to the customer's own specification have become a major feature for us. The choice and range of books that we are able to manufacture is almost infinite. Size of book, colour of cover, colours of paper, choice of papers and number of pages can all be selected by you the customer.

Books are manufactured using any of the extensive range of papers that we sell, from brightly Coloured Drawing Paper, Handmade Paper, Sugar Paper, Ice Diamond Paper, Kraft Paper, Cartridge Paper, Jet Black Paper etc.

Customers can specify a card cover or even choose a black spine which enables the production of a superb book, which when finished will appear handmade yet save an enormous amount of classroom time. Greyboard cut slightly oversize is also available to enable the finishing and decoration of books by pupils.

If books are to be decorated upon completion then two pieces of Greyboard cut slightly larger than the bespoke book are joined using self adhesive Linson tape to form a spine. Alternatively each piece of Greyboard can be covered individually and then joined with Linson tape. The outer cover of the book is then glued into the Greyboard case cover to create a bound presentation book. (Alternatively the books can be sewn in or even taped together.)

Select the number of pages required
Paper(s) inside,
Colour of Cover and
Size of Book

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