Foil Blocking Service

Foil Blocking Service
Why not have your books foil blocked? We are able to foil block your school name or subject name for example, onto any of the books that we manufacture.

We are able to block onto spirals, hard backed or stapled books and we should be able to cater for most schools logos.

If you require a logo then we require clear black and white artwork (no greyscale), please send your details and we will do the rest, by having a plate made and foil blocking your books.

In order for books to be foil blocked we must allow an extra week during manufacture.

Subject to a maximum coverage of approximarely 7" x 4" (170 x 100mm)* foil blocking onto your books costs £54.00** for the first 200 books then 27p** per book thereafter.

Books are traditionally Gold foil blocked; however we have the following other foil colours available: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Bronze, Turquoise and Silver.

*We are able to foil block onto larger areas (up to A4 size) please contact us on 01270 842021 to discuss your requirements.
** Prices exclude VAT

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